Why AREA 1 Security

It’s your job to protect your hard-won brand against increasingly sophisticated cyberthreats. Winning the war on phishing is vital, because it’s the root cause of over 95% of all cybercrime. With so many challenges and choices to combat hackers, how can you be sure you’re getting the most effective protection? Simple. Choose the solution that’s accountable. In other words, get cybersecurity that works: preemptive phishing defense, comprehensive coverage across every vector, and performance-based protection that keeps you and your organization safe. Or you don’t pay.


Existing technologies analyze threat data only when the attacks are already in progress. That’s too late. AREA 1 Horizon discovers, detects, and takes action against phishing attacks early in the cycle, before they become large-scale campaigns. AREA 1 Security gives you a critical time advantage that’s approximately 24 days ahead of industry benchmarks to stop these attacks.


Our solution is the only one in the industry to provide comprehensive and decisive actions against all forms of phishing attacks, across all traffic vectors: network, email, and web. AREA 1 Horizon extends those same protections to your partners and digital ecosystem stakeholders, so that your entire organization is secure at all times.


We believe in delivering cybersecurity that works. If it doesn’t work, you shouldn’t have to pay for it. That’s why we offer a new model of cybersecurity—the first and only performance-based protection in the industry. With a 99.997% catch rate and 24+ day time advantage over competing solutions, we’re confident in delivering the most effective protection you can buy. Or you don’t pay anything.

The Truth About Phishing: It Only Takes One

A single click on a phish is all it takes to end up costing millions and even bring down a company. Get the truth about cyberattacks—phishing is the root cause of 95% of financial and data breaches.

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Area 1 protects your organisation and brand by detecting phishing attacks before they cause critical damage.

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